Table Layout Options

Below you will find our popular table layouts.

Other options can be available on request.
Please call 01685 673740

The front of the venue is the door with the back being the window wall with storage units.
Side to side option with the kitchen, white board, notice board, toilets and emergency exit and the other side having two windows.

In addition to the table layouts below, there is also the option of chairs only, up to 24 seats or no tables and no chairs giving space for other activities.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

The "Island" Layout
Our most popular option is the island, with island style A being the preferred of the three layouts. Additional options of B and C also available but not as popular.
Front to back facing with seat 12 to a snug 16.
Additional chairs on the ends of tables.

The small square layout
Will seat 8 or a snug 12.
Additional chairs on the ends of tables

Three rows of two.
Will seat 24. Side to side facing.

Two rows of three.
Will seat 24. Front to back facing.

C Shape
Seats 24 to 26
Side to side facing, seats 24 with the additional two chairs, taken from the 'Social corner' for the 'optional table.'

Situated at the front of the venue on the left-hand side of the front doors.
These are 'as it' and have no other options. We find this is a useful space for small, cosy gatherings as well as when 'staff' accompany a larger group that are using the rest of the hall space.

The Book Nook corner, on the opposite side of the venue to the Social Corner also has no additional options.