Sunday 28 May 2023

New online booking system available

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Taff Rocks @ Smyrna is trialling a new online booking system. We have been researching many systems for some months in order to find what we need and at the best annual cost for the charity, and we believe we have found one. It is hoped that you find this easier and it will mean less administration of a process that should have always been simple.

Of course, there are some that ask for bookings in person, we can still accommodate this but we book  online for you and you will still receive the automated confirmation emails. So try it out.

Always check your junk / spam boxes for the confirmation emails.

How it works now compare to how it's worked up until now:


  • You go here
  • You select your time slot 
    • Slots already booked are not shown to prevent double booking
  • Fill in your details and
  • Confirm
  • Your booking is then entered directly into our calendar pending 'accept'
    • No one else can book over this slot
  • You will receive an automated email when this is done.
  • The new automated email also offers the option for you to reschedule or cancel your booking
  • You'd checked the calendar
  • You'd selected your preferred time
  • You opened up the long online form with all your details
    • Or you filled in a paper form
  • You'd submit the form or email it to us
  • Admin would manually check the online calendar then ...
  • Manually enter your booking into our calendar
  • Admin would email you with your confirmation.
  • If you needed to reschedule, you email us, we'd manually deal with your request 
A recent technical issue meant we we late in confirming a booking, although this went by without any issues.

So, give it a go. It no longer means you or us have to check everything beforehand, it's all automated, but we still get to see hands on who's supporting us.

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Book online