Wednesday 4 May 2022

Gallery of facilities

Building can hold 29 seated, 24 on black seats, 4 in the 'social corner' and one in the 'book nook' area. 
There are six tables, 6 feet long and one round 'dining' table in the social corner.

The building also hosts a kitchen with a microwave and countertop oven (we have decommissioned the cooker), tea and coffee facilities, refrigerator, dinner service and cutlery.

For meetings or community education, the hall has a 6 foot dry-wipe marker board as well as the same size notice board.

Two toilets, one of which is accessible and has a baby changing unit.

Accessible ramp at the side of the building, which is currently used as the 'front door' for ease of entry for everyone.

With the installation of a new refreshment station, situated under the grey notice board, the current images require updating.

 As we have made ourselves more at home, the room and space has changed.

Baby changing unit, with nappy bin, in accessible toilet

Set up for seminar
Updated image required

Set up for seminar or group
Updated image required

Three islands with for 12 people
Updated image required

'C' shape for classes
Updated image required

'Classroom' style set up - seats 24
Updated image required

The 'Book nook' or quiet reading corner

The 'Social' corner

Free Wi-Fi for all guests